Mrs. B takes the most difficult concepts and makes them easy to understand. Her energetic, engaging way of teaching makes math infinitely more interesting for me to learn.
Mrs. Bowe is a great tutor. She is knowledgeable, helpful and she is flexible in working with my college schedule. I am very grateful to have found her!
Mrs. Bowe is great! She has a bubbly personality, and she helps me understand geometry by making complex topics easy. She has a way of explaining concepts that makes sense.
Mrs. Bowe is helpful and positive. She is creative in her teaching concepts that are otherwise hard to understand. I’m glad to have her as my tutor!
Our daughter was behind in math due to my fear of teaching it since I never did well in it myself during high school. Denise quickly got her right on track and has truly been a Godsend. Our daughter loves the way she teaches and actually doesn't loathe math anymore. Denise has helped her gain confidence in all her subjects just by making math make sense!
My two kids have been using Denise as a math tutor for 3 + years. She makes math enjoyable and easy to understand. They have often struggled with their instructors at the high school and college level but Denise makes it all connect for them. Wish their actual instructors had Denise's ability and gift to teach the way she does. She is encouraging and takes time to connect with them. We highly recommend Denise and Math4All.